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Designed to meet a variety of concrete trenching applications in Western Canada, Yellowhead Coring & Cutting Ltd. offers Zurn sales and installation of pre-cast concrete trenching system. Serving Western Canada and located in Edson, we work with an array of clients. Contact us today if you require our services.

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Zurn Z-886 6”

The Zurn Z-886 6" (152mm) wide pre-sloped structural composite trench drainage system features a modular concept for ease of handling and installation. This system utilizes the latest in composite technology to provide excellent hydraulic, superior chemical resistance, and a durable non-corrosive top surface.

Engineering Specifications

  • Zurn Z-886 6" [152 mm] wide pre-sloped trench drainage system
  • High-density polyethylene structural composite drain channel with .75% bottom slope
  • All sections are 80-inch modular lengths with an integral top frame, interlocking ends and radiused bottom
  • Combination tie-down/levelling devices at 20-inch intervals
  • Furnished with heavy-duty, dura-coated cast iron grate unless otherwise specified

Features & Advantages

  • 80" modular sections - allows quick and easy assembly, straighter installation
  • .75% built-in slope - able to handle greater flows, uniform slope
  • Radiused bottom - provides for better flow rate, less solids build-up
  • Smooth high-density polyethylene structural composite interior -- 0% water absorption
  • Durable and lightweight - strong corrosion-resistant material
  • Quick connect overlap feature - rigid mechanical interlock keeps trench systems straight and liquid tight
  • Variety of gratings - able to meet specific job requirements
  • Tie-down/levelling device every 20" - integral rebar clips make it easier to place and level to the desired elevation
  • Versatility of outlet locations - easier to install, flexible outlet location
  • Integral frame
  • Removable lockdown bars - easy access for cleaning
  • Removable stabilizer bars
  • Heavy-duty frame option for dynamic loads

6½ Wide Structural Composite Trench Drainage System

Overall Depth Max. Flow. Approx. Wt. 
 C Min.D Max.Rate Lbs.Kg.
ChannelIn.In.GPML/M(Less Grate) 

System Highlights

Estimated flow rates for each trench system have been provided as a guide for proper system selection. Actual field conditions such as topographical characteristics, outlet restrictions, etc. may cause flow rates to differ from the above rates.

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