Demolition Contractor in Edson & Surrounding Areas

Remodels, upgrades and repairs in a building don’t always require complete demolition of the structure. At Yellowhead Coring & Cutting Ltd., we provide selective demolition services in the surrounding area of Edson. Our demolition contractor will ensure that the building’s structural integrity is protected while minimizing the impact on ongoing operations. This procedure requires clear planning in order to reduce waste and maximize efficiency. 

Let our expertise be your guide for choosing the right solution for your project. Contact us if you require our services anywhere in Western Canada.

Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing is a method of cutting reinforced concrete with a steel cable and diamond beads. We can cut to an unlimited depth.

Hydraulic Splitters

A series of tools designed to split concrete or stone hydraulically after splitter access holes have been drilled at predetermined locations.

Floor Slab Demolition

An existing floor slab has been demolished and removed allowing access for pump base modifications.

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