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At Yellowhead Coring & Cutting Ltd., we are proud to offer a range of options for resins and coatings for concrete. We also offer concrete chemicals for clients across Western Canada. Let our expertise be your guide for choosing the right solution for your project. For more information about our services, contact us today.

Chemicals & Resins

We supply and install multi-urethane polyurethane resins for a variety of applications and projects.

Soil Treatment

Using soil stabilization resins, we are able to stabilize and consolidate many different soils to control erosion and help maintain surfaces such as hiking trails and containment berms to golf course sand traps.

Crack Injection

The expanding foam resins we use are approved for potable water systems. These resins have proven themselves in the field for stopping leaks in most concrete structures. We have used crack injection for several types of applications including; tunnels, residential foundations and water or sewage treatment plants.

Pond completed for the otter sundeck

Otter pond at Storyland Valley Zoo in Edmonton.
Creating a natural habitat for the otters.
Applying the first layer of soil stabilization to sculpture sub-base.

Completed otter habitat

Pond completed for the otter sundeck.

Calgary International Airport

Completed otter habitat.

Calgary International Airport

Containment berm stabilization Esso aviation fuel depot in Calgary International Airport.

Water Tank Repair

Expanding foam resins

This tank was constructed in the 50's. The concrete was very poor with many cracks, spalls and delamination.

Rosedale Water Treatment Plant

Expanding foam resins were injected into the affected areas. A closed-cell gasket is created within the crack, thus closing off the water leak.

Rosedale Water Treatment Plant

Rosedale Water Treatment Plant - Epcor.

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