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Our well-stocked showroom at Yellowhead Coring & Cutting Ltd. has what your project needs. We feature a wide selection of cement finishing tools, accessories and chemicals. We are proud to offer Darda Hydraulic Splitters sales and service as well as Zurn Precast trench systems sales and installation. Are you looking for something in particular? A member of our team is happy to help you locate the right tool or accessory for your job. Let us know how we can help you; contact us today.


As a demolition tool, the HCS 5 B will precisely break through block and brick up to 12" thick. In situations where walls must be demolished without dust, noise or vibrations, or where large machines cannot be used, it is indispensable. The HCS 5 B replaces the sledgehammer.

The jaws are equipped with hinged steel tips. The HCS 5 B demolition tool can also force apart a wide variety of materials up to a distance of 12" permitting door and window frames to be severed from surrounding masonry.

Formed as shears, the HCS 5 C will cut through metal pipes, water pipes, metal frames, disconnected power cables, wooden components, metal sections, reinforcing steel and iron rods up to approximately 5/8" thick.

With the tip as shears, the HCS 5 C is capable of forcing radiators off walls, unseating steel and wooden frames, expanding or lifting preciously split concrete components and separating countless other materials. The steel tips are inserted into the cavity in the material and the shears then opened. The maximum expanding width is 12".

For countless demolition jobs, these shears are capable of doing the job without dust, noise or vibrations.



A wide range of Hilti tools, anchoring systems and accessories are available for sale or rental
Hilti Tools & Products

Concrete Accessories


Scaffolds are available in three frame sizes and we offer a full range of accessories from castors to outriggers

Concrete Accessories


We have a well-stocked showroom with cement finishing tools, accessories and more


A concrete splitter was used to extract pre-historic bones from rock


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We have served the construction industry in Western Canada since 1979.

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